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Toronto telephone exchange geography

See the Local calling guide to find which switch a prefix (NPA-NXX) belongs to.

CLLI (Common Language location identifier) codes identify elements of the North American telephone network. In Toronto (NPA 416), Bell Canada uses the following codes for central offices (exchanges) where switches are located. The area served by a central office is a wire centre. Rate centres are the basis of local calling areas and long distance charges.

The 2 Letter 5 Digit column shows current assignments of the 2L-5D named prefixes that have existed since the 1950s. Some wire centre boundaries and prefixes have changed over time. Most central offices now use additional prefixes.

The historical exchanges Agincourt, Don Mills, Islington, New Toronto, Scarborough, West Hill, Weston, and Willowdale were merged into the Toronto exchange in 1977.

CO CLLI Rate Centre Wire Centre 2 Letter 5 Digit Prefix
TOROON01 Toronto Adelaide 36–EMpire, 86–UNiversity, 870
TOROON02 Toronto Asquith 92–WAlnut, 96
TOROON03 Toronto (also Don Mills) Donlands 42–GArden
TOROON04 Toronto Main St 69–OXford
TOROON05 Toronto Simpson 46–HOward
TOROON06 Toronto Eglinton 48–HUdson
TOROON07 Toronto Ridelle 78–RUssell/STerling (Willowdale/Weston)
TOROON08 Toronto Runnymede 76–ROger
TOROON09 Toronto Dufferin 53–LEnnox
TOROON10 Toronto Rogers Rd 65
TOROON21 Toronto (Agincourt) Sheppard 29–AXminster/CYpress (zone) 1-2-3-5-7-8-9
TOROON26 Toronto (Islington) Eagle 23–BElmont/CEdar 1-2-3-4-6-7-9
TOROON27 Toronto (New Toronto) 180 Islington 25–CLifford 1-2-3-5-9
TOROON29 Toronto (Islington), Cooksville Old Burnhamthorpe 62
TOROON35 Toronto (Scarborough) St Clair 26–AMherst 1-4-5-6-7-9
TOROON36 Toronto (Scarborough) Victoria Park 75–PLymouth 0-1-2-5-7-9
TOROON42 Toronto (West Hill) Orchard Park 28–ATlantic 0-1-2-3-4-6-7
TOROON43 Toronto (Weston) 2664 Islington 74
TOROON44 Toronto (Weston) Bellevue 24–CHerry
TOROON45 Toronto (Weston) Acton 63–MElrose
TOROON46 Toronto (Don Mills) Don Mills 44–HIckory
TOROON47 Toronto (Willowdale) Finch 22–BAldwin/ACademy (Toronto)
TOROON48 Toronto (Willowdale) Ernest 49
TOROON50 Toronto (Agin./Scar./W. Hill) Lawrence 43
TOROON61 Toronto (Weston), Thornhill Alness 66
TOROON63 Toronto Simcoe 59
TOROON66 Toronto (Agincourt) Borough Dr
The following nearby exchanges were switched to NPA 905 in October 1993.
BMTNON13 Brampton John 45–GLendale 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-9
CKSNON16 Clarkson 82–TAylor 2-3
CKVLON17 Cooksville Dundas 27 0-2-3-5-6-7-9 (was 28–ATwater 9)
SPNGON18 South Pickering (Dunbarton) 83–TEmple 1-7-9
GRTWON19 Georgetown 87–TRiangle 3-7
KNBGON21 Kleinburg (was 29–CYpress 6)
MALTON22 Malton Derry (was 27–BRowning 7, then 28–BUtler 6)
MAPLON23 Maple (was 25–ALpine 7)
MRHMON24 Markham
MLTNON25 Milton 87–TRiangle 5-6-8
OKVLON30 Oakville Balsam 84–VIctor 2-4-5-9
PTCDON33 Port Credit 27–CRescent 1-4-8
RMHLON34 Richmond Hill 88–TUrner 3-4
BMTNON37 Brampton, Castlemore Walker
SSVLON39 Streetsville Pearl 82–TAylor 1-6
TNHLON40 Thornhill (was 28–AVenue 5)
WDBGON48 Woodbridge (was 28–ATlas 8)
SSVLON52 Streetsville Aquitaine
OKVLON54 Oakville Bronte 82–VAlley 5-7-9
UNVLON55 Unionville
PCNGON62 Ajax-Pickering
ERMLON65 Streetsville Erin Mills 82 0-8
AURRON91 Aurora 72–PArkview 6-7
WTBYON94 Whitby 66–MOhawk 5-6-8
OSHWON95 Oshawa 72–RAndolph 0-1-3-5-8

A discussion of CLLI usage can be found in the TELECOM Digest archives.

The Canadian Numbering Administrator has some useful current information.

From 1923 to 1958, 2 Letter 4 Digit (2L-4D) dialing was used in Toronto. Here are the old prefixes for the Toronto exchange.

2 Letter 4 Digit PrefixReplaced by Date
23–ADelaide 36–EMpire 3 1951
35–ELgin 36–EMpire 4 1951
[new] 78–RUssell 1 1952
75–PLaza 36–EMpire 6 1952-03-16
92–WAverley 36–EMpire 8 1953-03-22
48–HUdson 48–HUdson 8 1953-03-22
49–HYland 48–HUdson 9 1953-03-22
72–RAndolph 92–WAlnut 1 1954-03-21
54–KIngsdale 92–WAlnut 2 1954-03-21
64–MIdway 92–WAlnut 3 1954-03-21
77–PRincess 92–WAlnut 4 1954-03-21
46–HOward 69–OXford 1 1955-03-20
47–GRover 69–OXford 4 1955-03-20
69–OXford 69–OXford 9 1955-03-20
68–MUrray 76–ROger 2 1955-03-20
76–ROdney 76–ROger 6 1955-03-20
59–LYndhurst 76–ROger 7 1955-03-20
58–JUnction 76–ROger 9 1955-03-20
87–TRinity 86–UNiversity 1 1955-03-20
63–MElrose 53–LEnnox 1 1956-03-18
52–LAkeside 53–LEnnox 2 1956-03-18
53–KEnwood 53–LEnnox 3 1956-03-18
65–OLiver 53–LEnnox 4 1956-03-18
55–LLoydbrook 53–LEnnox 5 1956-03-18
56–LOmbard 53–LEnnox 6 1956-03-18
74–RIverdale 46–HOward 1 1957-03-17
43–GErrard 46–HOward 3 1957-03-17
45–GLadstone 46–HOward 5 1957-03-17
42–HArgrave 46–HOward 6 1957-03-17
66–MOhawk 48–HUdson 3 1958-03-16
62–MAyfair 48–HUdson 5 1958-03-16
67–ORchard 78–RUssell 2 1958-03-16
73–REdfern 78–RUssell 3 1958-03-16
[new CO] 42–GArden 1 1960

Named prefixes were phased out in favor of All Number Calling (ANC) between 1961 and 1966.

Source: The Telephone EXchange Name Project
and David Leibold's Toronto exchange history, with some assistance from Hugh Hamilton

See also Montreal telephone exchange geography.

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